In-Store Puppy Care and Procedures

Here at Diamonds and Doggies, we love our puppies and believe that they are family, which is why we take many steps to insure they're healthy and well. 

Our puppies are socialized with people and other puppies daily. They spend 20 - 45 minutes in our play areas, on rotation daily. Behind the scenes, they are absolutely spoiled by our carers - Dancing, singing, and baby-talk included! Before the store opens, we have what has been affectionately dubbed "puppy mayhem time" where they get free reign of the store - supervised, of course.

We make sure that ALL puppy messes are cleaned immediately and that the puppies, the play areas, and their kennels are cleaned routinely to prevent the spread of any bacteria, viruses, or other illnesses. This is especially true of the play areas, as we (as humans) tend to track all kinds of bacteria or worse on the soles of our shoes, which can make our furry babies very sick.

Throughout the day, you'll observe our carers cleaning the cases, floors, and play areas.

Our puppies are fed three to six times daily, depending on their needs, with nutritional supplements. They always have access to fresh water, toys, and washable potty pads. At night, they are moved from the front display cases to the back kennels to sleep in their comfy beds with food and water.

While the furry babies are in our store, they receive their routine check-ups, and are kept up to date on their shots. All of our puppies are microchipped.