Our Breeders

We take pride in our puppies, and we value their health and wellbeing. This is why we work with Licensed Breeders - Our requirements for our breeders is that they be USDA Licensed, clean, with no violations in the last five years.

Licensed breeders are more experienced with multiple breeds - having multiple litters per year. They are also bound by a series of regulations to maintain a clean, violation-free record. USDA Officials unannounced visits to these facilities to make sure they are following AWA regulations.

Some of these regulations are:

  • Puppies and Mothers must have adequate and comfortable space in their kennel to move around.
  • Staff must remove waste daily and keep the areas sanitized.
  • Ventilation is to be adjusted accordingly with increases/decreases in temperature.
  • Regular recorded mandatory Veterinarian care is required to prove the well-being of the dogs and puppies.

Private Hobby Breeders are not subject to these same regulations, but we expect that all of our breeders surpass all expectations and requirements in regards to caring for their Sires, Dames and puppies.

Most of our puppies come with pedigrees and certain certifications, but there are cases where this information will not be available. Each puppy will have information on what kind of certification they come with, if applicable.

Examples of certifications include: AKC, ACA, APRI, ICA, United and ACHC.

We do not work with puppy mills and have established long lasting relationships with all of our breeders, some of which we have worked with for over ten years!