Puppy’s First Bone


Nothing says “Welcome Home” to your new furbaby like puppy’s first bone! 

FIDO's Puppy's First Bone is a teething toy made to keep pup's busy & intrigued with its teeth-building texture and light beef flavor. Who says chewing has to be all bad?! 

Ideal for teething puppies and those sharp little baby teef!  Tough enough to last, tender enough to flex.  Made specially for young, teething puppies, these easy bones promote healthy gums and your pup's need to chew. 

2 way special dental design helps remove plaque and gently massage gums.  Vet tested and approved.  Not indescructable, so discared and replace as needed.

  • Sizing : 4 3/4" in length
  • Light beef flavor
  • Non-toxic
  • Made in the USA